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General Examination of the Eye

What is an Eye Health Examination?

An Eye Examination includes a refraction assessment and a general eye health exam.


During the Eye Health Examination the following areas of your eyes are reviewed and tested: 

Eyelashes & eyelids, 

Iris and lens

The fluid chamber found between the iris and the cornea 


These will help to ascertain the general health of your eyes and vision as well as act as an early warning for many eye conditions or diseases.


Why is an Eye Health Examination Recommended?

As we age it is recommended that everyone have an Eye Health Examination regularly. Below are the intervals suggested for maintaining good eye health:


Aged under 40 years should have an eye test every 5 - 10 years

Between 40 - 54 years - should have an eye test every 2 - 5 years

Between 55 - 64 years - should have an eye test every 1 - 3 years

Over 65 years - should have an eye test every 1 - 2 years


What Does an Eye Examination Include?

During an Eye Health Examination your Ophthalmologist will:

Examine the retina,

Conduct muscle integrity, 

Test Refraction, 

Examine your visual field and 

Perform a visual acuity test.

What Happens During Your Eye Health Examination

After your Ophthalmologist takes a full medical history, your eye health exam starts with your Ophthalmologist putting drops in your eyes to dilate your pupils. 


Dilated pupils enable your doctor to more easily view the inside of your eyes. Typically the test will include


Visual Field Test

Testing the visual field is also called perimetry and it is done to determine if there are any deficits present in the field of the patient’s vision.


Refractive Assessment

Your eyes are tested for any refractive error. This assessment determines if you have any signs of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or presbyopia.


After Your Eye Examination

The eye drops used may make your eyes light sensitive for a few hours after the exam. We recommend you arrange a friend or family member be prepared to drive you home.


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